Oxob vs Fox & Q

2011-10-02 14:37:17 by oxob3000

My 5th RHG battle! This time I challanged Kidkei. This one took me about 1-2 months to finish and was a joy to make. I was really motivated wile making it since I knew I had a chance win pricemoney at the 4-Day competition over at Fluidanims.com. Sadly, I did not win. :(
Still, I'm really happy about how good this animation turned out and I hope you guys enjoy it aswell :D


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2011-10-03 10:39:55

You did good man, it's a bummer you didn't win.


2011-10-03 23:04:03

great animation...im sorry to ask, and i know you've probably heard this, but what did you use to make this? and again...GREAT,AWESOME,AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!1

oxob3000 responds:

Almost everything on this website is made with Flash


2011-11-02 21:05:37

Pure shit, fag.

oxob3000 responds:

Why hating?


2012-02-01 02:46:14