2013-06-05 11:01:06 by oxob3000

I'm really bad at updating this thing.
Well I have uploaded 2 new animations since the last update I made. First one was a valentines day animation that I made for my girlfriend. Only took me about a day or something, yet it got some pretty good responce :)

Second one is my official RHG demonstration. Started it waaay back, even before Jurrasic Stick and Halo Stick. I finaly finished it though and its gotten some pretty good responce here on Newgrounds and on youtube.

If you guys haven't seen these anims, please check them out here on my page!

Oh, and I also posted a nice Crobat drawing in the art portal. Have a look! http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/oxob3000/nigh t-of-crubat


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2013-06-05 11:07:39

It's called Crobat and the picture of it is very nice :)

oxob3000 responds:

WOOPS! lol that was a typo XD Fixed it!


2013-06-11 06:52:29

Good news!