Oxob vs Blazer

2014-02-28 16:37:19 by oxob3000

Its finaly done, and it got a daily first :D THanx Newgrounds!


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2014-02-28 23:51:12

Just subscribed to you. I can see you have the potential to outmatch the others like hyun. Keep on going! :D


2014-03-02 01:34:14

Congrats it was an amazing flash you've got there well worth the work you put into it.


2014-03-02 09:13:32

Yeah I agree that was some impressive work. No wonder you got daily first ;)
The 3D background was simple but the implementation was so simple and well done, I'm surprised I haven't seen this before.
I have asked about your methods in a review but I see you have a livestream where I could see your process in action. Did I assume that correctly?


2014-03-03 13:35:03

badass 3D